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Vintage, urban, or adventure - Shima has you covered!

Shima aims to combine quality with a well-crafted style and above all - the highest level of protection. They say to believe that their philosophy adds courage, confidence, and a sense of uniqueness to our joy and love for riding a motorcycle.

I agree. I found Shima when looking for something a bit different, something that is safe, but also functional, comfortable, and fashionable, possibly with a bit of feminine shape. Shima clothes are just like that!

I love the fact that all their items come with full protection - e.g. jackets with back, shoulder, and elbow protectors included or trousers with both hip and knee pads. This not only complies with their safety promise but also makes clothing a very affordable option. Add an awesome style and loads of functionalities included - and you have a perfect piece for your next adventure!

Shima sizes are somewhat smaller than those of other regular brands, so please make sure you check the size chart and specific measurements for each individual item. And as always please keep in mind - if your size of favourite gear is not available in store now; or you simply have any questions or concerns - let me know! Together with a Shima team we will make sure you get your perfect fit 🏍️ 😉


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