Helmet care kit from Muc-Off with foam fresh, helmet visor cleaner and antifog spray



Please note: at present, this product does not come with a Danish manual; the manual is only available in English. However, we are in the process of revising all manuals, and they will soon be accessible in either digital or physical formats.

An ultimate kit for your motorcycle helmet care. 

The Muc-Off Helmet Care Kit contains:

  • Muc-Off Helmet Foam Fresh (400 ML) for maintaining the inner part of your helmet. The inner lining of one's helmet can quickly become dirty and smell of sweat. With Muc-Off Helmet Foam Fresh, the smell can be removed at the same time as the helmet is cleaned, without the need to take the entire helmet apart. Leaves the helmet clean and with a scent of citrus fruit.
  • Muc-Off Biodegradable Visor Cleaner (250 ML) that easily and quickly removes dust, mud, insects and oily things that should stick to the visor.
  • Muc-Off Anti Fog Treatment ( 32 ML) to ensure that your visor remains fog-free and, furthermore, there is a film on the outside of the visor that is water-repellent, so that you always have a good view.
  • Luxury Microfibre Polishing Cloth for effortless cleaning, drying and polishing of your helmet.
  • Premium Microfibre Detailing Cloth for cleaning delicate finishes. 
  • Suitable for all road and off-road helmets
  • Consists of: foam fresh (400 ml), premium anti-fog treatment (32 ml), helmet, visor and goggle cleaner (250 ml), luxury microfibre polishing cloth, premium microfibre detailing cloth


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